My name is Martin Demerdzhiev. I am a 30 year-old graphic designer from Burgas, Bulgaria, and I have worked in the field for over ten years. I get my inspiration from some of the best-established graphic design schools, contemporary trends, world art and culture, simplicity and functionality. I have experience working in print production and am well familiar with the modern trends and requirements for prepress and print media design. My projects also include a variety of web marketing, templates, static and dynamic web banner ads, mobile apps and games. I am experienced in CSS design and CSS scripts, as well as Joomla and WordPress. I’ve worked on illustration projects in a number of genres, including humorous, children’s, realistic, etc. Two years ago I took my first steps in typography under the mentorship of Peter Petzin, who is one of the most seasoned and well-established artists on the Bulgarian market. This opportunity helped me to significantly expand my skills and knowledge in the areas of trademark, logo and font design.

Graphic design is the art to successfully communicate a message in an aesthetic form through visual and textual content. If the design is good, the message is clear and does not need to be explained to the viewer. The designer’s role is to translate the message using visual means for communication. To be able to do this successfully, a designer should possess a great deal of general knowledge, intuition, critical thinking, creativity, aesthetics, and last but not least, a good sense of humor.